Since 1982, manufacturers of handles and fittings for door and window frames

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Who we are

Since 1982, manufacturers of handles and fittings for door and window frames

In over fourty years of operation, we have built on a centuries-old tradition, according to which the metalworker and carpenter joined forces to create a product with a perfect blend between the art of metalworking and carpentry.

We have transformed craftsman’s espertise into industrial efficiency without betraying its principles, but rather by developing its potential.

The interpretation of an ancient trade at risk of extinction has allowed Didieffe to give a future horizon to a product rich in history.


From concept to product

We are an organization with a strong product and market identity, acquired with tenacity and hard work, first locally and subsequently on an international scale. This is due to know-how and to a production cycle that starts with the concept and is then translated into the product.

Although our production is extremely heterogeneous, we have never forgotten that every product offered must achieve excellence. Accordingly, care and dedication to improvement is an ongoing and essential aspect of all our product lines.

The experience gained in the craft of woodworking has allowed us, over time, to go beyond the traditional fields of application, leading us to adapt our products not only to traditional window frames, but also to modern PVC and aluminium frames.

Today Didieffe handles and fittings are distributed and marketed in Italy, in EU countries and beyond these borders, contributing to sustaing 100% Made in Italy, of PDO products that combine the charm of the past with the rationality and efficiency of future technology.

Our history

Tradition, creativity and craftsmanship

Our aim is to grow in a harmonious way with respect for the territory, through the realisation of ideas and products that lead to shared and environmentally sustainable satisfaction.



DiDiEffe is born

An artisan workshop came into being, which in a few years established itself as an industrial reality.


New millennium
and new logo

As we approach the 20-year milestone, we greet the new millennium with a change of corporate identity.


Distribution centre
in the USA

Didieffe expands its boundaries and enters the American continent.


40 years

We celebrate this important milestone.

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